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What is Clea

Clea is a technology stack that enables the complete management of devices and data in an IoT project. Thanks to the modular use of its components, all aspects of a project can be managed, including the management of users and organizations, the sending and receiving of data from devices connected to the platform, the management of device update campaigns, and the development and management of third-party applications for data visualization or data analysis.

The three main components that make up the Clea technology stack are:

  • Clea Portal: Web Portal for managing organizations, users, and applications developed for the specific IoT project.
  • Edgehog: Open Source platform focused on simplified management of the entire life-cycle of IoT devices, provides information on the status of the devices, fleet update campaigns, geolocation, and others.
  • Astarte: Open Source platform at the base of the technology stack allows communication with IoT devices and data ingestion and orchestration.

Clea tech stack

You can find more information on the components and their communication on the following Platform Architecture page.