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A user is any person able to log into the system and use it.

  • Organization User: a user who is part of an organization created/managed by the organization admin users.
  • Organization Admin User: an organization user who possesses an admin role.
  • Client User/End User: a user that registers itself in the portal (which is not part of any existing organization). When they register, a linked thin organization is created.


An organization is a set of appliances, users, and roles. There are two types of organizations:

  • Standard Organization: that has complete management of all platform aspects.
  • Thin Organization: an organization with simplified features and just a single user automatically created when an end-user register into the portal. If needed, the thin organization can upgrade to a standard organization from the single user to fully manage appliances, clients, and users.


A client is anyone buying appliances from an organization. A client is also an organization, and a vendor organization can assign appliances to a client organization.


An Appliance is a final product. It is a machine identified by a serial number with an internal gateway (Device) connected to the Astarte/Clea. An Appliance can be assigned to a customer by the provider organization.


Clea Portal Apps are external web apps developed by developers who want to customize their Clea experience.

  • Appliance Apps: Apps contained in a single appliance page. Default apps will be available at first and developed by the Clea team. Check the create a third-party Clea Portal App section to learn how to develop a new one.
  • Organization-Wide Applications: Clea platform will allow customization through organization-wide applications that can access many devices part of the same organization.


A Role is a selection of permissions assigned to a User.


Permissions are granular authorizations given to a User.


A tenant is a logical Clea instance that doesn't share any logical entity with other tenants. Each tenant has organizations, users, appliances, and preferences, and a user has no rights to other tenants. All tenants can be managed from a tenant admin console.


A set of Astarte resources (e.g., devices, interfaces, triggers) is tied 1:1 to a Tenant (and to a ScyllaDB/Cassandra database).


A cluster is an instance running on a specific data center on a set of computing resources.

  • Astarte Cluster: an instance running on a certain data center on a set of computing resources.

Sys Admin

A user that is a tenant admin console user can administer one or more tenants. Sys Admin cannot log into a tenant organization.

Tenant Admin Console

A portal that allows performing administrative tasks on tenants.